A Guide To Buying Jets

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If you are tired of all the hassle you go through with commercial flights and if you don’t like scheduling each and every charter flight you take all throughout the year, you can just buy yourself a private jet if you can afford it. If you travel all the time and take a look at charter jet cost information, you can gauge the expenses you pay for a year if all your flights were chartered and compare it with your expenses if you were to buy your own private jet.

Whether you are to use the private jet for personal travels or use it to put up your own charter flight company, there are several things you should know about buying a private jet. As a first time buyer, you may be confused about which one to buy and what to look for in an aircraft. It is important that you take several factors into consideration because buying an aircraft is a serious matter and is a great investment.

1. What is your budget?
It is important to know the amount of money that you are capable and comfortable of using to purchase the jet. The jets vary in price from $1 million US dollars to $300 us dollars. Aside from the price of the jet, you also need to consider the amount you will be spending for maintenance, parking, landing fees, lawyer fees and many other fees. So make sure to include other fees in your budget so that you don’t get shocked at how much it costs you to buy and maintain your jet.

2. How big is your jet?
The size of your aircraft will determine its capacity as well as its ability to fly without having to stop for fuel. The larger the jet, the greater its capacity but larger jets can’t land on runways that are shorter. The remote areas usually have shorter runways and can only accommodate to smaller jets. If you target going to these areas then you should buy a smaller plane.

3. Prepare to get yourself a lawyer.
If you are thinking of buying a jet, it is important that you find a lawyer because unlike buying a car, buying a jet is more complicated. There are legalities, and FAA regulations that you have to meet and having a lawyer would be very helpful at this task.

4. Can you test the jet?
If you are going to release a large sum of money for a jet, it is important that you can test it out. You should also inspect the jet or find someone to accompany you to check the jet. That person should not be involved or related to the company where you are going to buy the jet so that there is no bias.

5. Can you manage the jet?
Managing the jet alone is impossible because you are not an expert at it. Even if you know some stuff about the jet, it is still not enough and you should get some help. Your management team can help you fly successfully to wherever you want while making sure that your jet is in great condition even if it is unused.


How to Properly Dress for a Trip to Borneo

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Adventure, wildlife, fun and outdoors – those are the words that you can associate what a trip to Borneo is like. So in order to make the most out of your trip, it is best that you know how to properly dress so you can easily blend into the crowd. You’ll also know holidays to borneo information
and what you as need to bring to be prepared for what awaits you in the jungle wildlife in Borneo. Here are a few tips on how one should pack his bags before heading on to see the orangutans or trek Mount Kinabalu:
• You will want to dress modestly if you want to blend into the crowd. Shorty shorts, tube and tank tops, backless dresses aren’t recommended. Sure, it is tropical in Borneo, but you will want to skimp on those clothing – this is not Hawaii anyway.

• If trekking the rainforests of Borneo is on your itinerary, then be prepared to dress correctly. The rainforests are very humid and you will be saying hello to a lot of leeches, so the more skin you cover, the better. It is best to wear comfortable trousers and long sleeved shirts. For added protection, tie or clip your trousers around the ankle to prevent nasty leeches from getting in. This is one of the important holidays to borneo information that you need to know.

• It is best if you concentrate your clothing on mostly trekking or outdoor clothing. Since humidity in Borneo is accountably high, pack clothes that are made of lightweight fabrics. Long trousers and long sleeves will also protect you from the abundant mosquitoes too.

• If you are more on the luxury side and you have booked at hotel resorts, dress code is more relaxed. You will find holidays to borneo information that you can pack a sexy dress, a shawl and those glitzy flip flops.

• Bring along a microfiber towel. This gives you the advantage of bringing a lightweight towel that can just be easily air dried. Terry cloth towels take forever to dry and if you pack it half wet, you will end up smelling like a big pack of mildew.

• The best footwear while traversing the wild and getting friendly with the orangutans are comfortable and well broken in trekking shoes. But you can always get away with light sandals, comfy trainers and flip flops if you want.

• A sarong is a must-have if you ever go to Asian countries. They are very versatile – it can be a makeshift bag, a bed sheet a blanket, a towel, a backless dress or a skirt! It is very light weight and it easily, dries overnight too.

• Lastly, don’t forget your camera and its charger, of course. Take lots and lots of pictures with the orangutans and other must-see sights in Borneo.
These tips can be seen in various holidays to borneo information websites and will be very helpful in choosing the clothes that you need to wear when in Borneo.

Let TravAddict Help You With Adventure Tour Reviews

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There’s no better way to get the low down on the best places to go, the things not to miss- and the things to miss- once you’ve started your vacation planning then a quality adventure review site. Peer-to-Peer shared reviews remain one of the tip-top ways to get the truth rather than the sales pitch the tour operators want you to believe. Take advantage of great sites like TravAddict.com to make sure you’re picking the best adventure tour for you.

Even as venerable an institution as National Geographic agrees that sometimes what matters most is who you go with, not where you go. They themselves have provided 2 quality surveys of the best adventure tours by reviews from people just like you. Here is a few categories worth considering when you’re looking through your adventure tour reviews.

• Service and reliability
• Knowledge of the area.
• Environmental Awareness
• Hidden costs and hidden gems

Service and Reliability

Service and reliability’s an obvious one. Especially with peoples finances stretched at the moment, you want to be absolutely certain that you’re spending your hard earned bucks well. This is where adventure tour reviews really step into the breach. Rather than simply settling for the assurances of the tour operators you’re considering, you’ll be able to get the nitty gritty low down on the tour operator and the destinations both. With many review sites offering forum facilities, you’ll even be able to ask the questions that are important to you and get them answered by those who’ve been there before.

Knowledge of the area.

If you’re part of a tour group rather than kicking out alone, this one’s key- and another area where adventure tour reviews will help keep you pointing in the right direction. You can be standing in front of one of the 7 wonders of the world, but that won’t make much difference if you’re ditched there with no guidance. The whole reason you’re looking at a tour rather than striking out on your own is for that special expertise- the low down on local attractions, the knowledge to guide you through the sites…. You don’t want a tour operator that leaves you feeling like you know more than they do!

Environmental Awareness.

The importance of this one in your adventure tour reviews and decision making will depend very much on your tastes and where you’re heading, but it’s always good to know you’re heading out with a reputable company who take care to preserve what they’re selling to you.

Hidden costs and hidden gems.

One of the best things you’ll get from adventure tour reviews is the tips and the lowdown- where to find the secret attraction you can’t miss or the best little restaurant you’d never notice yourself. Adventure tour reviews will help you plan your budget and truly make the most of your tour.

Why not let a great adventure tour review site help you make the best decisions for your trips- you won’t be sorry.

Road Trip Commandments Every Travellers Should Know to Avoid Disasters

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For some people, a successful road trip plan only requires mode of transportation, a map or GPS system, and the strong desire to hit the road. Well, this thought is wrong.

Here are five commandments any traveller like you must follow to plan your road trip at its best.

First Commandment

Thou shall aim on an agreed destination.

You and the rest of your travel buddies must agree on one or more destinations.

How to make this happen? Set a meeting on time when everyone is available. Gather in one place and discuss about the preferred destination of everyone. Suggest a voting system. And from its outcome, decide once again on where everyone is interested and comfortable to go. The result is a group of people with one destination and one travel goal.

It’s better to travel with people who is there as one team. This will be a very important factor in case you get lost or anything goes wrong and need everyone’s mind working as one and not against each other.

Second Commandment

Thou shall not allow uninvited passengers.

This is one common issue when you plan your road trip, when all of a sudden someone appears uninvited. That person can be someone unknown to almost everybody, someone most of the group member argued with often, or someone who is related to a family’s ongoing feud.

Other than identifying where you are heading on your road trip and the accommodation you will be getting, you need to know who you’ll bring on this travel. In case this is a family trip or a company team building where you do not have a choice about the selection process, you can do the following options:

-          Ask everyone to participate on choosing that great travel destination.

-          In the event that not everyone agrees with what has been decided, sort it out immediately before the travel date.

Third Commandment

Thou shall bring travel necessities.

Make sure to do the preparation a week or more before your travel date. Also remind your travel buddy or travel buddies about the necessary things they should bring as you all head to the destination. You have one another to make sure that nothing important will be left behind.

Fourth Commandment

Thou shall not allow Hellish Haul at all costs.

If you are not familiar what Hellish Haul is all about, it is that scenario when you get exhausted during the journey. It can be emotionally, psychologically, and physically dehydrating. This case doesn’t sound like a vacation right?

There are a lot of ways to avoid this kind of exhaustion, you can search online for the solution or you can simply choose a destination that is not too far from your place. Spending more than four hours driving is not a good idea especially if no one is ready to take over the task. Rest at a motel and you’ll get the energy back to drive again.

Fifth Commandment

Thou shall make sure to prepare the car to be used.

This last commandment is self explanatory, have the vehicle check for maintenance before hitting the road.

There are several tips on and offline that help you plan your road trip, use them to your advantage.

Trip Planner – Provides You With The Best Travel Essentials

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What is your travel plan for this year? Are you planning to visit Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Tokyo, London, or other key cities in the world? Will you be leaving your country alone or with a company? Whatever you have in mind, it is important to have your trip properly planned right before your big day will come.

Take note that with a well-planned trip, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your trip from the start to the end. And of course, a well-planned trip will also save you from the stress and pressure which are usually brought about by uncertain trips that have not been planned carefully. Aside from preparing all the necessary requirements and needs for your upcoming trip, what is another important thing that needs to be considered in the first place?

Use a Trip Planner

If you are a first time traveler who is heading to a place that’s new to you, it is often than not that you will surely get yourself confused about the different directions of a particular place. This is not surprising because you are not from that place and it is your very first time to be there. Prior to this, it is normal to see you puzzled and problematic simply because you are not familiar with the different ways and directions to get into a place whenever you need to. However, this problem can be remedied with the aid of a trip planner.

The truth is that no matter how unfamiliar you are with a particular place, going around seems to be a breeze simply because a trip planner can handle you on the road and at your different points of destinations. A trip planner commonly comes with a database of key cities where travelers usually visit time and time again. Each of the cities which is covered and served by a trip planner gives you the idea about how you can get to a particular point of destination without being bothered by confusion and uncertainties.

The Essentials

So what are the essential things that you can get from using a trip planner? You will be reminded of the important things that you need to bring along with you on your trip. For an instance, you will be prompted or reminded by your trip planner of the things that you will need especially when you are going to London during the winter season. A trip planner also reminds you of the important documents that you need to bring with you in order to realize your trip without the hassle and the fuss. Important documents may include your IDs, passport, visa, etc.

Your trip to any place around the world should not cost you much worries and nuisances along the way. Your trip is an experience that needs to be realized the best way possible. With a trusted and reliable trip planner such as Trip Mark, you will be able to realize your dream vacation according to your expectations.